One of our core values is to maintain a "clean label," which means we never use artificial flavors, preservatives, stabilizers and artificial sweeteners. We only use the best ingredients and keep it simple... take a look below, you can even read everything on the label without a chemistry degree!

  • Classic Sweet Dijon

    INGREDIENTS: Non-GMO expeller pressed canola oil, cider vinegar, brown cane sugar, pasteurized egg yolks, ground mustard seeds, kosher salt, herbs & spices.

  • Creamy garlic herb

    INGREDIENTS: Non-GMO grapeseed oil, cider vinegar, pasteurized egg yolks mustard seeds, kosher salt, spices, garlic powder, organic stevia leaves.

  • sunny honey balsamic

    INGREDIENTS: Cold-pressed sunflower oil, balsamic vinegar, honey, ground mustard, kosher salt, dehydrated garlic & spices.

  • raspberry champagne

    INGREDIENTS: Non-GMO sunflower oil, honey, white grape champagne vinegar, flaxseed oil, red raspberry puree, water, kosher salt, stone ground mustard, flax seed meal, spices.